Your Perfect Retirement

Your Perfect Retirement

Taxes, Social Security and More

This is the first step to “Your Perfect Retirement.”  Welcome to the thrilling expedition of retirement planning – where love, intelligence, and excitement converge to shape your golden years into a masterpiece of joy, fulfillment, adventure, love, and laughter.  As you embark on this great journey, envision yourselves as architects of your own destiny, crafting a blueprint that promises not just financial security, but a legacy of abundance and adventure. 

Now, let’s infuse your vision with the spark of intelligence.  Retirement planning isn’t just about stashing away money for a rainy day; it’s about strategic foresight, careful planning, and informed decision-making.  From maximizing your investments through tax-efficient strategies, to protecting your assets with smart growth opportunities, every step you take is a calculated lead towards financial freedom.  

As you set sail on your exhilarating voyage of retirement planning, know that the greatest treasure you’ll discover along the way is the love and connection you share with loved ones.  With hearts full of love, minds ablaze with intelligence, and spirits brimming with excitement, there’s no limit to the wonders you’ll uncover on this grand adventure called life.  

Thank you for letting us be a part of your successful and perfect retirement.   

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Interview with Social Security Experts

Marc Kiner and Jim Blair

Are you concerned about your financial future and how social security will impact your retirement?

If so, I invite you to watch my recent interview with the founders of National Social Security Association. 

Founders of National Social Security Association

Marc Kiner and Jim Blair have over 35 years of experience each in public accounting and helping individuals manage their social security benefits. In the interview, we discussed the growing trend of longer retirement durations and what this means for your financial planning. You don’t want to miss their valuable insights and advice on how to maximize your social security benefits. Tune in now to learn more about your financial future!

Social Security Mini-Course

Chapter 1:

Understanding Social Security

Our goal is to maximize your benefits and cut through the complexity of Social Security.

Chapter 2:

The Two Most Important Questions

Two questions for us in this session:

  1. Will Social Security be there for you?
  2. How do you maximize your benefits?

Our goal is to maximize your benefits and cut through the complexity of Social Security.

Chapter 3:

Social Security Payment Details

The questions that we’ll cover:

  1. How to qualify for Social Security?
  2. How your benefits are calculated?
  3. What is the annual earnings test?

Our goal is to maximize your benefits and cut through the complexity of Social Security.

Chapter 4:

Different types of Social Security Benefits

  • Different types of social security benefits.
  • Is it better to take benefits early or late?
  • And how to know what is best for you?

Chapter 5:


This applies to you if your or your spouse receiving a pension from an employer that did not pay into social security. 

Chapter 6:

Advanced Social Security Strategies

How maximizing your social security can improve your retirement life.