Young, Rich and Wise

Money Lessons for Young Rich and Wise

From Budgeting to Compound Interest

As a “Young, Rich, and Wise” individual, you are just beginning your journey to Financial Happiness.  Welcome to the thrilling rollercoaster ride of adulthood, where bills, budgets, and financial freedom await!

Imagine this: you’re stepping onto the grand stage of independence, armed with your newfound financial know-how and a spirit of adventure that’s ready to conquer the world.

Now, let’s sprinkle some excitement onto this journey, shall we?  Think of money education not as a dull lecture, but as your golden ticket to financial freedom – the passport to your wildest dreams!

Imagine diving headfirst into the ocean of budgeting, where every dollar is a treasure waiting to be discovered.  With a bit of creativity and savvy planning, you will navigate those waves like a seasoned captain, steering clear of the treacherous waters of overspending. 

But wait, there’s more!  Strap yourself in for the exhilarating ride of investing.  Picture yourself as a financial wizard, conjuring spells of compound interest and watching your money grow like magic. From to stocks to bond, ETFs to mutual funds, the world of investing is your enchanted forest waiting to be explored. 

And let’s not forget the adrenaline rush of tackling debt like a fearless warrior.  Armed with your trusty sword of financial discipline, you will slay those pesky debts one by one, triumphantly emerging victorious with a life full of peace, freedom, and grand adventure.

Are you ready to embark on your journey to financial enlightenment?  Armed with this knowledge, there’s nothing you can’t achieve on this exciting ride called adulthood.  Let the adventure begin! 

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    Learning the foundations of money helps you develop essential financial literacy skills, enabling you to make informed decisions about saving, spending, and investing as they grow older. Additionally, understanding money management from a young age fosters a sense of responsibility and independence, preparing them for a secure and financially stable future.

    1. How to teach kids about money

    Let’s tackle a crucial discrepancy in financial education for our children: while 90% of kids believe they learn about money from their parents, 87% of parents think their kids learn about money at school.

    2. The best investment of all time

    We explore the inspiring journeys of Tony Robbins, J.K. Rowling, and Bill Gates—individuals who transformed their lives through self-investment, perseverance, and continuous personal development.

    3. What's your savings rate?

    Your savings rate can be as low as 1%, but starting somewhere and making an improvement over time can lead to fantastic results. 

    4. Simple and Effective Monthly Budgeting Secrets

    The rule is simple: Live within your means, ensuring you don’t spend more than 80% of your income.

    5. The Power of Giving

    Learn how consistent, joyful giving can make you happier, healthier, and wealthier. We’ll delve into the psychological and scientific evidence that supports the benefits of generosity and provide practical tips on how to incorporate giving into your daily life. 

    6. The Difference Between Stocks and Bonds

    Learn the difference between stocks and bonds and how they work for businesses as well as entrepreneurs.

    7. How Mutual Funds Work

    Let’s look at the advantages of mutual funds, including professional management, diversification, and affordability, as well as discuss the different types such as index funds, balanced funds, and more.

    8. Automatic Millionaire

    Are you ready to secure your financial future and become a multi-millionaire? In this video, we break down a simple, easy, and automatic method for achieving financial success, inspired by the book “The Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach.

    9. The Latte Factor

    The video emphasizes the importance of making a simple change in your spending habits to secure a financially prosperous future.

    10. The Power of Compound Interest

    Compound interest is the foundation of understanding investing. The power of compounding is a powerful way to build wealth.

    11. The Magic of Compounding

    Compounding impacts every area of your life. Your habits will dictate your level of wealth. What if starting right now you started applying compounding to every area of your life?

    12. Ronald and Richard's Story

    Anyone can gain wealth and anyone can lose wealth. Our goal is to educate you on how to use money as a tool to better your life.

    13. Frank's Story

    Making decisions out of fear, leaving the market at a bad time and other scenarios that could impact your ability to build wealth over time.

    14. 10 Genius Things

    10 financial tips inspired by Warren Buffett’s principles for building wealth.

    15. Pay Off Credit Card Or Invest Your Money

    Are you caught in the eternal struggle of whether to pay off your credit card debt or invest your hard-earned money? Join us as we break down this age-old dilemma and guide you towards financial freedom.


    Reading books on money is crucial because they provide valuable insights and strategies for effective financial management, helping you build wealth and avoid common financial pitfalls. These are some of my recommendations.

    16. Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth

    Principles from Nick Murray’s book, Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth.

    17. Think and Grow Rich

    The powerful lessons drawn from Hill’s 20-year study of the world’s most successful individuals, including icons like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

    18. The Intelligent Investor

    Known as the father of value investing, Graham’s teachings have influenced generations, including his famous student, Warren Buffett.

    19. Smart Women Finish Rich

    Insights from David Bach’s empowering book, “Smart Women Finish Rich”.

    20. Rich Dad Poor Dad

    As one of the first financial books I read, it’s a privilege to share insights that could transform your financial perspective.

    21. The Blessed Life

    This profound guide reveals the deep connection between generosity and a fulfilling life, teaching that true abundance isn’t just about giving, but embracing a lifestyle that continually opens the floodgates of blessings.

    22. Pay Off Credit Card Or Invest Your Money

    Are you caught in the eternal struggle of whether to pay off your credit card debt or invest your hard-earned money? Join us as we break down this age-old dilemma and guide you towards financial freedom.


    These are just a handful of short insights about money, offering a glimpse into the importance of financial literacy and smart money management. By understanding these basics, individuals can start building a strong foundation for their financial future.

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